Why buy your college chairs from us?

There are several companies that offer college chairs.  It may be difficult for potential chair buyers to know with which builders they should do business − not to mention, how to chose the best collegiate chair.  Although we have been building chairs since 2007, years in business are not our only advantage.  We make very well-constructed and creative chairs.

We build our full-size chairs in the Amish communities of Northeastern Ohio.

We view each individual customer and every institutional client as a relationship − not just a sale.  Once someone has purchased one of our chairs, we look forward to seeing them again, and we hope for an opportunity to help friends, family, and fellow alumni in the future.  Thank you for contacting us, and we hope that you will connect with us on Facebook, Google, Pinterest, or Twitter.  Please remember that, if you have any questions or concerns, we hope that you will just ask.

“I was very pleased with your service and all the detailed attention you gave me and my organization.”

What is so Special about Our Chairs?

Simply stated, time-proven, Amish, construction practices, creativity, superior materials, and attention to detail.

We don’t just claim that our chairs are made in the USA.  We can prove it.  Some companies build components overseas only to merely assemble them domestically.  We build our full-size College Chairs, from ground up, in Northeastern Ohio.   We build our Miniature College Chairs entirely in Colorado. 

Our ten models of college chairs, uniquely colorful logos, attention to detail, and fine, Amish and traditional craftsmanship are reasons why people like to do business with us…and, then, there’s our service.

We put a lot of care into how we deliver your chairs.  Our premium shipping cartons, packing procedures, and reliance on Fedex help to ensure that you receive a chair that is in beautiful condition.  This may seem like a lesser detail, but we owe it to you to place a perfect chair in your home or office. 

We don’t build ordinary chairs, and our people indicate so by personally signing every one of them.

“Our new …chairs are simply stunning.  The quality and craftsmanship beats out any other collegiate chair I have seen and the look is sophisticated and elegant.  I receive compliments on the chairs from every alumnus who visits.”


Affinity Classics  −  the best in the business

We are proud to build and deliver fine College Chairs that bring joy to our customers.  For ten years, Affinity Classics has made some of the most imaginative chairs that represent the finest institutions to make so many alumni and other constituents very happy.  Using materials of the highest quality and through best practices, we prove our commitment to craftsmanship with every chair we deliver.  It is that focus on craftsmanship and our promise of quality that you are buying with every Affinity Classics College Chair.  Thank you for learning about our business!


The Affinity Classic Alumni Chair that we built for our first client, still looks great!   We created it for a graduate of the University of Colorado and the University of Colorado School of Medicine.



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