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Affinity Classics builds elegant and comfortable university chairs and college chairs both traditional and modern for alumni and members of other affinity groups, with colorful logos.  Each University Chair is made by our Amish Craftsmen in Northeastern Ohio and our traditional Craftsmen of North Carolina.  100% Made in America.  We make multiple styles of university chairs in two lines: Classic College Chairs and Traditional College Chairs. We are confident that our chairs will fit well, stylistically, in any modern home or office decor.  Our university chairs are perfect for Graduation Gifts.

Our chairs are solid, high-quality, long-lasting, college chairs – beautiful Amish and North Carolina furniture which display colorful logos, college emblems, and fabric colors that represent the colleges, universities, and organizations of our customers.  We bring new concepts and styles to college chairs and alumni chairs that will help distinguish your institution from all others.

The founders of Affinity Classics enjoy backgrounds and experience in public accounting, planned giving, major gifts, college advisory boards, foundations, scholarships, endowments, affinity programs, and corporate awards programs.  They are active within their respective university communities and understand the needs of institutions’ Alumni Associations, development Departments, Athletic Departments, and Individual Alumni and Friends.

Invite Affinity Classics to make a difference on behalf of Your Alma Mater, Your donors, Your organization, Your business, and Your home.  Display Your pride. Place an Alumni Chair in Your home and office!

Review our Institutional Partners and read our customer Testimonials!  We want to tell you all about it, so please have a seat!

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Other college furniture manufacturers build thousands of factory made black college chairs.  Many are milled in Asia and assembled and shipped in the U.S.

Affinity Classics builds twenty-five models of Classic College Chairs and Traditional College Chairs that will last for generations.  Whether a gift to yourself or a graduation gift for a family member, consider your College Chair an Amish heirloom chair that can be passed down to your children and theirs, as well.

Our Chairs exemplify the best of the traditional woodworking techniques of the founders of the North Carolina furniture industry and the Amish Community of Northeastern Ohio.  Our Affinity Child Rocking Chairs and our Affinity Mission High Chairs are perfect children’s chairs which no other university chair company can offer.

Other attributes that distinguish Affinity Classics Chairs:

  • Our chairs are made 100% in America with local woods and labor, exclusively
  • Our seats are made from a solid pieces of maple; some use a fine maple veneer bonded over that single piece to make a flawless seat with no exposed laminate edges which are common to other chairs
  • Only Affinity Classics can build colorful images into collegiate furniture with Pantone™ colors through our TrueColor Logos process
  • Fine finishing applied by one individual; Traditional Chairs have hand-striping and engraving fill that is accomplished by hand
  • Premium quality glues and lacquers meeting Ohio and North Carolina standards
  • The finest joinery according to traditional, Amish and North Carolina standards
  • All Affinity Classics chairs are shipped in custom shipping cartons to ensure that chairs arrive in perfect, showroom condition

Our products include College Chairs, University Chairs, Alumni Chairs, Graduate Chairs, Captains Chairs, and Recognition Chairs in addition to Retirement Chairs and Logo Chairs made in the USA, all of which signify each owner’s pride of membership in their respective affinity group.  Our styles range from old-English, Windsor style college chairs to classic, turn-of-the century, college chairs and even modern college chairs of today.  Please take time to compare college chairs.  We are confident that you will readily see the differences between our university chairs and those of other chair companies.

University Chair


Some visitors to this website are surprised to find that we do not publish specific prices.   We understand their concern, but we need to discuss the many options and choices that will determine your college chair prices.  Therefore, we wish to speak with each prospective customer.

Prices of Affinity Classics’ College Chairs range from $199 to $1,999 (plus  shipping) and depend on style, woods, finishes, logos, and the institutions being represented.  Each academic institution establishes unique requirements in order to license its trademarked images.  Chairs bearing college logos are subject to multiple cost components including, royalties, administrative fees, revenue sharing, logo art, woods, fabrics, finishes, personalization, and shipping policies.

You may find university chairs at slightly lower prices on the Internet, but be aware that those chairs are very likely milled and/or assembled in Asia.   Our customers choose Affinity Classics’ chairs because our chairs are made exclusively in America − in Ohio and North Carolina − and our chairs are of a higher quality.

Our chairs come with numerous options. Each university chair includes one logo installation; multiple logos are optional.  Therefore, we ask you to speak with us on the telephone about your college and university chairs, institution that the chair represents, chair’s availability, personalization, and shipping options. More about pricing

Our Mission

To create comfortable, attractive, and functional furniture of high quality, that expresses the identity, tradition, and personality of each academic institution, business, and organization which we serve.

We believe that by providing high-quality, long-lasting furniture, we can make people’s lives just a little bit better.  Our goal in customer support is to simply do the right thing, treating clients as we would wish to be treated.

What Our Customers Say About Affinity Classics

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 Chair Owners of All Ages Appreciate a Comfortable University Chair

For more information about University Chairs, Graduation Gifts, College Chair Prices,How to Compare College Chairs, Graduation Gift, University Chair, Long-lasting Furniture, and Long-lasting Chairs, please phone Affinity Classics at 866.748.2230.


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