Choose Your Styles of College Chairs

Before Affinity Classics entered the college chair market, only one style of college chairs or alumni chairs was available on the market, regardless of the variety of styles of the home or office of each customer.  A single style of chairs cannot possibly satisfy the needs and tastes of millions of alumni of colleges and universities.

Affinity Classics has always believed that Alumni and Friends of Colleges and Universities seek choices.  Our chairs are potential heirlooms, because they are designed and constructed to last for generations.  The Amish joinery is engineered in order to ensure that the chairs will last and remain beautiful for many years.

Be aware that certain institutions may not offer all styles of our Affinity Classics College Chairs whereas some schools may offer all ten styles.   Because offerings may change and we plan to add new styles in the future,  please stay in touch with us at 866.748.2230.


Affinity Classic Alumni Chair (ACAC)

College Chairs

The Affinity Classic Alumni Chair is our most popular College Chair.  The ACAC is the most comfortable hardwood chair that we have ever seen.  The expertly sculpted back, Deco arms, and uniquely shaped seat are the keys to its extraordinary comfort.  Other college chairs cannot compare; they are made of simple dowels in the Windsor style and do not fit anyone’s back well.  Only one manufacturer builds a chair that is similar to the ACAC for commercial offices, and the price of that chair is equal to three times our price.  Also, only Affinity Classics’ College Chairs are Amish-made.  The Classic Alumni Chair is both a masterpiece and a great bargain.



 Affinity Laureate Chair (ALC)

College Chairs

ALC chairs are very modern college chairs with French legs and superior upholstery.  The ALC was designed to fit contemporary decor of modern offices and homes.  It is a comfortable sitting chair with a high back and a three-inch high logo.  Our preferred wood is maple, with a cherry stain, but we are ready to meet your needs regarding finish.  We will make an Affinity Laureate Chair to fit well in you favorite room.  You can enjoy modern, beautiful, upholstered chair that represents your Alma Mater.



Affinity Mission Rocking Chair (AMRC)

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Affinity Mission Rocking Chairs are luxurious, comfortable rocking chairs.  These stately rocking chairs are substantial –  tall, wide, and heavy.  The AMRC is available in Brown Maple and Quarter-sawn Oak.  The upholstery can include high-quality fabrics in college colors and subdued non-college colors. They are sturdy chairs to be enjoyed for generations.



Affinity Mission Chair (AMC)

College Chairs


‘We designed a Mission Chair that is so modern as it will fit well in a contemporary living room or office but comfortable enough to curl up with a good book.  It’s generous, inside width of 24 inches is unusually comfortable.


Affinity Child Rocking Chair (ACRC)

Childs College Chair

The ACRC is best, little rocking chair made.  It is sturdy, strong, heavy, and built to last many generations.  You can be assured that it will serve your kids and theirs, as well.  The ACRC is available in either Light or Brown Maple or Quarter-sawn Oak.  One young lady, upon receiving her new Child Rocking Chair, refused to leave her chair all evening, insisting upon having dinner in her Rocking Chair.



Affinity Mission High Chair (AMHC)

College Chairs for Children

Our Amish builders in northeastern Ohio have designed a beautiful, child’s High Chair in Mission style that can serve your family for generations.  Like the ACRC, the Mission High Chair is available in either Light or Brown Maple or Quarter-sawn Oak.  Although, this solid chair will endure any number of accidents and mishaps, it is heavy, sturdy, and stable with a lower center of gravity than lightweight manufactured chairs.  Equipped with a three point safety belt (below) of one-inch black nylon webbing and a single, one-inch side-release buckle, the chair will hold your youngster securely in place.  An optional five-point safety harness is available.



Affinity Traditional College Chairs

College Chairs







As with our Classic College Chairs, our Traditional College Chairs are available in different woods and finished. Because of their more traditional architecture, our techniques for logos include methods that are not possible with our modern chairs.  Other companies offer chairs of a similar style, some are not built in America or, specifically, in the North Carolina tradition.  In order for Windsor-style chairs to endure years of use, the joinery must be constructed with the utmost care, traditional techniques, and the best materials.