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Go, Pokes! 

Wyoming Alumni and Friends can demonstrate their pride of their Alma Mater in their homes and offices with a unique Wyoming Chair that are available in Several Traditional and Modern Styles.  You can also be proud of Your Wyoming Chair that are entirely Made in America!

The University of Wyoming Chair is Designed, Built, and Finished by our craftsmen in Ohio and North Carolina.  These are fine, hardwood chairs Wyoming Chairs that Will Last for Generations…and they are extremely comfortable.  No other college chairs compare!

Your Wyoming Chair will reflect your love for Wyoming and the Cowboys with a stunning gold logo of legendary horse, Steamboat.  Wyoming Chairs are perfect graduation gifts, Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, and retirement gifts.

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“Powder River, Let’er Buck!” 

Distinguish Yourself as a Wyoming Cowboy!


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We offer Miniature Wyoming Chairs with Wyoming logos to Development, Advancement, and Alumni Offices at the University of Wyoming.  Write to for more information.

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