Affinity Traditional College Chairs are classic Windsor-style chairs the most popular of which is the Captain’s Chair.   These are the most soundly constructed Traditional College Chairs on the market.



Solid seating, hand painting, American woods, and traditional North Carolina craftsmanship.  Unlike other traditional college chairs, these Affinity Traditional College Chairs are 100% American Made in North Carolina.  These are American chairs, made with the best materials, most careful construction, and finest finish.  We offer all black; natural wood in cherry, walnut, or maple; or a combination of woods.  Arms, crown, and the remainder of the chair can be of different woods.  Logos can be screen printed, laser-engraved with color, or inserted medallions according to your preference.

Because of the difference between our Traditional and Classic architectures, our Traditional logo techniques include methods (engraving and screen-printing) that are not available in our Classic College Chairs.  However, both our Traditional College Chairs and Classic College Chairs can be installed with bright, colorful logos via our proprietary TrueColor Logos with true Pantone™ Colors.

Other companies offer chairs that are not built in America or, specifically, in the North Carolina tradition.   Because of the nature of Windsor-style chair joinery, we are very careful to use the very best techniques, materials, and glues to ensure that your Traditional College Chairs will ensure many years of use and will serve your family as heirlooms for generations.  These fine traditional collegiate chairs are hand built and hand painted, individually, with an exceptional level of detail. The sturdiest, most elegant Traditional College Chairs on the market.

Affinity Traditional College Chairs include Captains Chairs, Boston Rockers, Retirement Rockers,  Retirement Rocking Chairs, Retirement Chairs, Engraved Rocking Chairs, Buckeye Rockers, Child Rocking Chairs, Mission Rocking Chairs, Engraved Chairs, Commemorative Chair, Swivel Chairs, Childs Rocking Chairs, Insignia Chair, Deacons Benches, College Rocking Chairs, University Chairs, Captains Chairs,  Alumni Chairs, Retirement Rockers, Graduate Chairs, Engraved Rocking Chairs, Engraved Chairs, Engraved Rockers, and Personalized Chairs.

Let us make an Affinity Traditional College Chair for you.  Just give us a call and tell us the name of your school.


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