The most carefully constructed rocker in this Traditional collegiate style.  Solid maple seat with a fine maple veneer for a perfect finish.  Colorful Logos.  This is a very fine chair!   

The Affinity Traditional Rocking Chair (ATRC) is a classic design and a fine complement to the Affinity Traditional Captains Chair and Affinity Traditional Bench. This Traditional College Rocking Chair is 40″ tall;  Many college and universities promote these chairs because of its similarity to the popular captains chairs available on the market.  As is true of our Affinity Traditional Captain’s Chair, the ATRC’s arms and the crown can be stained in cherry, walnut, or maple to contrast with the body of the black chair.  Our Traditional Rocking Chairs differ from our competitors by virtue of the fact that our chairs are built and finished individually in individual paint booths by one person while some others are milled overseas, assembled, and finished in a production-line in the U.S.  As an alternative to the traditional styles of college rockers on the market, Affinity Classics offers the Affinity Mission Rocking Chair, a heavy, sturdy, chair which provides a firm, upholstered seat and back.  It is a uniquely comfortable chair that will outlast any traditional chair.

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