Classic Alumni Chair – The Most Comfortable Hardwood Chair you may ever find.  No other cushionless college chair can compare!


The Affinity Classic Alumni Chair (ACAC) is the best college chair – the most comfortable College Chair available.  This is the most comfortable hardwood chair, the design of which originates for approximately 1900.  The expertly sculpted back, Deco arms, and uniquely shaped seat are the keys to its extraordinary comfort.  Other college chairs cannot compare because they are made of straight dowels in the traditional Windsor style.

Classic Alumni Chair

Only one chair company builds chairs that are similar to the ACAC for commercial offices, and the price of that chair is equal to three times our price.  However, only Affinity Classics’ College Chairs are Amish-made.  The Classic Alumni Chair is a timeless masterpiece and a great bargain.  Customers have requested this chair for their offices (with and without logos) simply because of this chair’s extraordinary comfort.  The Affinity Classic Alumni Chair is a perfect graduation gift and retirement gift.

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