If you seek an attractive desk chair, our Captain’s Swivel Chair may fill the bill.  We apply attention to detail like no other college swivel chair.  

The Affinity Traditional Captains Swivel Chair (ATSC) is the finest Swivel Chair on the market.  Many college and universities promote somewhat similar chairs, but Affinity Classics builds , our college swivel chair in a traditional Amish shop in Northeastern Ohio.  There are several brands of similar chairs on the market and the most popular of which is made overseas and imported for assembly.  Our Captains Swivel Chairs are built and finished individually a single craftsman whereas others are assembled in larger, high-volume factories.  Our small shop is located in Columbiana County, Ohio where there is a longstanding tradition of hand-made, high-quality furniture.

These are the highest quality Captain’s Chairs available with an excellent, highly adjustable, modern swivel base and mechanism.  The base incorporates a five-star steel base solid-maple feet that cover the steel base and perfectly match the finish of the chair.  The base is attached to a metal gas cylinder which is attached to the seat of the chair, enabling the chair to rock, recline, and swivel 360 degrees.  The arms and crown (headboard) are of solid cherry.   Also, the captains Swivel Chair is available stained entirely in your favorite color with our Ohio Certified Stains.  Deacons Benches are built and finished individually.  As on our other Traditional College Chairs, all turnings (spindles) are skillfully hand-striped in metallic gold or silver paint.  The metallic-gold hand-stripes that you can see on the Babson Captains Swivel Chair below are hand painted.


Black Babson College captains swivel chair with cherry arms



Choose an elegant Affinity Classics Traditional Captains Swivel Chair for home and office.  For more information and photos, please phone Alumni Chairs at 866.748.2230.


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