There is no better way to honor a recent graduate, a proud alumnus, a retiring faculty member, or a dedicated employee.  Instead of the factory-made chairs on the market, consider this fine maple Amish chair with solid cherry arms and crown.

The Affinity Traditional Captain’s Chair (ATCC) is the most popular style of college chair on the market.  There are several brands of Captain’s Chairs available, some of which are made overseas in parts and are imported for assembly.

Our chairs are made in a small shop in Columbiana County, Ohio in an old tradition of hand-made, high-quality furniture.  The construction of the undercarriage of the chair is much more solid than that of competitive chairs.  We place our front stretcher (horizontal components that connect with the four legs) across the front of the chair.  Please study the above images and compare the legs and stretchers to other college chairs you might consider.  We believe that you will readily see the difference.  Our Captains Chairs are finished individually in individual paint booths by one person whereas others are assembled and finished in a production-line.  Our seats are solid maple with a flawless maple veneer that enables us to make a beautiful seat.  We use a high-pressure spray system to finish our chairs perfectly, one chair at a time.  All brilliant gold or bright silver hand-striping highlights are carefully painted by hand to match the colors of the logos.  Clients who prefer logos in official school colors can request logos installed by our TrueColor Logos process.

These are the highest quality Captains Chairs available.  They may be a bit more expensive, but they are well constructed, are beautifully finished, and will last for generations.

  • No inexpensive laminated woods; all solid woods.
  • No automated painting; all hand painted.
  • Perfect colors matching official, Pantone™ colors
  • Great attention to detail
  • Made in America, entirely


Black Emmanuel College Captains Chair



To learn more about our Affinity Traditional Captains Chairs, please phone us at 866.748.2230.


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