Affinity Classics works closely with Development, Advancement, Philanthropy, and Fundraising Professionals to provide special chairs that are an effective way to honor special donors.  We have built custom chairs to be presented to donors of major gifts.  We have made miniature chairs for donors who prefer smaller but equally elegant gift items.


Custom Recognition Chairs for Philanthropists

If your organization’s development leadership would seek fundraising ideas or an object with which to honor principal gift donors, major gift donors, philanthropists, and other persons of distinction, we will work with you to design attractive furniture to enhance your organization and its philanthropy.  We can re-design or modify existing chair models to your specifications via wood species, finish, fabric, leather, and logos.  Also, we can provide standard chairs for Stewardship and Donor Relations with custom features according to your request.


Seattle’s world-renowned Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (Fred Hutch) purchased a large number of our Affinity Classic Alumni Chairs (ACAC) hardwood college chairs, Amish-made in Ohio, with a custom finish and a special logo to honor its elite research scientists who have received endowed chairs.  We installed the Fred Hutch logo using our unique, proprietary TrueColor Logos process in four colors.

In addition to full-size chairs, Fred Hutch requested our miniature chairs or mini chairs – exact replicas of their full-size chairs for donors who prefer smaller items for desks, shelves, and credenzas.

Chairs for Fundraising


On January 10, 2017, Fred Hutch presented ACAC Chairs to nine of its scientists.  Dr. Hans-Peter Kiem, scientist who received a new chair from the Ohio workshop, commented “It’s nice to have a …chair,” he said, “and they are also really comfortable.”


Ideas for Fundraising
Photo by Robert Hood / Fred Hutch News Service


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Chairs for Stewardship

“Affinity Classics…one of the most amazing vendors I’ve ever dealt with.  …I knew they genuinely were concerned about our organization and product.”  


Baptist Health Foundation has honored the recipient of a critical Endowed Chair in addition to the Donors of that Endowed Chair.  The honored physician has received our Affinity Traditional Captain’s Chair (ATCC) with Cherry Crown and Arms, while the Benefactor received our Miniature ATCC Chair on a Cherry Base.  We delivered the full size chair within four weeks and the Mini-Chair two weeks thereafter.

“I am so satisfied and happy with both chairs!”  “The design of both chairs is remarkable!  My directors were so impressed with the chairs that they definitely will be wanting more in the near future!”


The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center purchased a custom, leather Affinity Laureate Chair for presentation to a family which funded an important academic chair or endowed chair.  We also provided miniature chairs, six inches tall, to members of the family.  All chairs, large and small, display Wexner’s logo – all to the appropriate scale.

Chairs for Donor Relations


“The recipient of the Ohio State University Wexner chair, one of our Donors, loved the chair.  She was over-the-moon about the thoughtfulness of us being able to select the finishes to fit her taste.  Thank you for allowing us to make it custom!”


The Boys & Girls Clubs of Providence, Rhode Island chose our Affinity Traditional Captain’s Chairs as endowed chairs to honor their faithful Board Members.  The Clubs chose a screen-printed logos in gold in order to minimize costs in repetitive chairs.  They will submit additional orders as subsequent board members are honored, annually.

Chairs for Fundraising

“Our recognition dinner occurred last evening and folks…were simply blown away by the chairs.  Thank you…Thank you!”

Wichita State University, Horizon Prep high school, and residents at Virginia Commonwealth Health have also chosen our Affinity Traditional Captain’s Chairs and Rocking Chairs as retirement chairs to honor retiring and current leaders.  In all cases, we have created special recognition chairs personalized with elegant gold or silver plates bearing tributes to personal accomplishments and contributions to the success of each organization.


Miniature Chairs

Chairs for stewardship are available in all sizes.  We produce miniature chairs or mini chairs for university advancement, development, and alumni offices.  Some universities have approached us in search of college mini chairs as gifts to honor donors.  Because they may know donors and prospective donors whose contributions may not justify the expense of a full-size chair or the donors may prefer less valuable gifts, these offices have decided to make available small replica chairs that can be displayed on desks and shelves in homes and offices.  Also, some high net worth individuals may not wish to receive full-size chairs or they may prefer that their favorite charity conserve donor dollars and avoid premium items such as full-size chairs, preferring that their charity be a conservative steward of donor funds.

We offer exact models of our Affinity Traditional Captain’s Chair and our  Affinity Classic Alumni Chair in four-inch, five-inch,  and six-inch miniatures (below) – mini-chairs complete with exact-replica logos.  Currently we offer chairs in black lacquer and an elegant, new material that appears as frosted glass (at additional cost).  Other sizes and other attractive materials and finishes are available.  We offer elegant bases in maple wood or cherry wood in dimensions of 5.25″, 6″, and 6.5″ square.   Custom bases are also available in marble and granite with sophisticated metal nameplates.

Chairs for Fundraising
University of Arizona Foundation


We will design custom miniature chairs for recognition upon request, and of course, costs will vary with size, chair material, pedestal material, finish, complexity, and the client’s desired delivery time frame.  Miniature chairs are labor intensive and are not inexpensive.  However, these mini-chairs are attractive, more economical alternatives to full-size chairs.  As is the case with all of our chairs, our miniature chairs are made in the United States.  For more information about Affinity Classic Miniature Chairs, email us at [email protected].


Fundraising, Academic Chairs, Fellowships, Endowed Chairs, and Stewardship

Affinity Classics works closely with organizations that have purchased Recognition Chairs to be the object of raffles, silent auctions, or other fundraising events.  Universities, hospitals, and non-profit Advancement and Development Departments have chosen Affinity Chairs as awards and gifts to exceptional donors.  Donors funding Academic Chairs, Endowed Chairs, and Fellowships can be suitably recognized and honored rewarded with Affinity Chairs.  We can also make more economical Miniature Chairs for philanthropy that replicate our full-size chairs.  Miniatures are an excellent means of honoring annual donors and donors who are mindful of careful stewardship and likely to decline a gift of higher value.


Unique Gifts to Honor Your Donors

Affinity Classics can make Custom Alumni Chairs, Miniature Chairs, and Retirement Chairs for businesses and other organizations, that will distinguish those entities from all others.  Learn how a college chair and chairs for donor relations can bond major gift donors and principal gift donors to your organization and distinguish the organization.  Our chairs are great fundraising ideas.

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