Elegant Unbranded Chairs for Home and Office

…and for Chairs for Other Institutions, choose chairs with No Logos, and we will install your college logo.


Our clients love our Amish college chairs with their colorful logos, finishes, and colorful upholstery that reflect your favorite school colors, but we know that not everyone wants or needs logo chairs in their home and office.

Please don’t misunderstand!   We would love to build our college Logo Chairs of leading universities and colleges for you, and we hope that you will order chairs that represent your Alma Mater.  However, we have received many requests for our chairs without logos, too.  Many individuals and institutions have contacted Affinity Classics in order to obtain our Affinity Classic Alumni Chair (without logos) because, in the words of one observant and very helpful customer…

“It is the most comfortable chair design ever made!”



“We received the…Child’s Rocking Chair and my four-year-old daughter absolutely loves it.  It is beautiful, and it is so well made.  We look forward to enjoying it for many years to come and keeping it in our family for future generations to enjoy as well.  Thank you!”


Advantages of Un-Branded College Chairs

Although we think that our introduction of colorful logos is the greatest innovation to College Chairs, some folks do not want logos. They may just want comfortable, elegant chairs!  The advantage of ordering without any college branding is that Affinity Classics needs not pay royalty fees to academic institutions, and no expensive art must be developed and be installed in each chair.  So, considerable cost is avoided by producing non-logo chairs. Therefore, we are able to reduce the price of each chair considerably.

The additional benefit of college chairs with no logos is the great latitude that we enjoy regarding finishes and fabrics we can install in your chairs.  These advantages can be realized by individual home owners, business owners, and interior designers who have certain decors to match or complement.

Also, if your family members have attended multiple colleges or rival universities, you can, now, have one College Chair, Rocking Chair, or Deacon’s Bench with NO LOGO in order to make everyone happy, keep the peace, and offend no one!  (Of course, we may be able to install multiple college logos in a single chair in order to make them even happier!)

Our Affinity Mission Chair, Affinity Mission Rocking Chair, and Affinity Laureate Chair can be upholstered with premium fabrics and leathers to suit the taste of our customers and clients of professional designers and architects.  Also, we are free to build your custom unbranded college chair in one of several species and particular cut of wood that you choose.  What’s more, in addition to the college chairs that represent your favorite college or university, you can now own non-logo chairs based on the same designs… but with woods, finishes, and fabrics of your personal choice. You can enjoy both branded (logos) and unbranded college chairs (no logos) in your home and office, based on the same designs as your logo chairs, and that is a pretty nice feature.  These are not your ordinary, standard chairs.


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