Packing, Shipping, and Other Details

College Chair Packing

Affinity Classics ships its chairs in premium college chair shipping cartons made by excellent container companies.  These are custom, corrugated boxes made of double-wall cardboard made specifically for each college chair model.  These boxes ensure that our college chairs will arrive in perfect condition.  We carefully wrap each chair in paper or shrink wrap before inserting each chair into its carton.

The packing process includes attaching hangtags that indicate that each licensed chair is an officially licensed product, licensed by a particular institution.    We attach hangtags that identify Affinity Classics and the model of chair.   We also attach under each seat two name plates that indicate the chair model and company information about Affinity Classics.

We encourage all clients to retain the box an packing materials in case of a future move or the unlikely case of a warranty reason such as a product defect.  It is essential that chairs be shipped in the originally materials and exactly as packed originally.  Otherwise, chairs may be damaged in shipping.

“When the chair arrived, it was so well wrapped that there was not a single scratch anywhere on it.  It looked as if I had personally picked it up off of the showroom floor.”

College Chair Shipping

We ship our Classic College Chairs from northeastern Ohio with FEDEX which ensures excellent arrival condition and superior security of our shipments.  FEDEX ensures excellent service and pricing for Ground and Freight shipments, both domestically and internationally, while guaranteeing the very best college chair shipping service in the industry.  For some shipments, large and small, we will use a transport company local to Amish country, which specializes in delivering Amish furniture.

Our Traditional College Chairs are also shipped via FEDEX in order to assure excellent service and security of our customer’s chairs.

Prices do not include shipping costs.   Shipping to western U.S. locations (states west of the Mississippi River) and Canada may also require additional charges depending on the on the particular chair model (because of distance, dimensions and weight).   More about College Chair Pricing

Note:  Large chairs including the following may be delivered to residences but may require additional charges.   Fedex Ground which provides for home deliveries may be disallowed for large items.  We may be required to ship via Fedex Freight which service may require delivery to the  Fedex Depot nearest your destination, awaiting pickup by the customer.

  • Affinity Mission Chair (AMC)
  • Affinity Mission Rocking Chair (AMRC)
  • Affinity Traditional Deacon’s Bench (ATDB)

Products will be placed into production as soon as 72 hours after an order and we have received payment.

We avoid stating specific delivery dates.  We can only estimate delivery dates based on estimated production dates.  We advise clients that production and shipment may require approximately 4-8 weeks from the time of your order.  Although, in some situations, we are able to ship chairs in less than four weeks after orders, we always advise clients to be patient and allow adequate time for production and delivery.  Any requests for changes in logo art, nameplate text, or other changes to a chair will significantly delay estimated delivery dates.  New artwork (of new colleges) may add from two to four weeks to delivery dates.  Therefore, in such situations, we caution customers to expect 4-12 weeks for delivery.

College Chair Shipping

Official Collegiate Product Hangtags

All colleges and universities control use of the school’s images and trademarks either through their internal trademark office or through independent trademark agencies. Affinity Classics and other manufacturers of college chairs and other products must become licensed by each institution in order to protect the branding of their institutions.  These school’s identify their protected trademarks that are placed on commercial products via special hangtags are required for these products to ensure that the products are officially licensed, by placing tags on each authorized chair with a visible hangtag for clear identification.

College Chair shipping and packing

Company and Product Hangtags

In addition to product nameplates, each chair will be tagged with a visible hangtag loosely tied by string to the chair for easy identification.  Hangtags are hung separately from the “Collegiate Licensed Product” and “Officially Licensed Collegiate Product” and “Collegiate Licensed Product” hangtags that are tied to each licensed college chair.

College Chair shipping and packing

Company and Product Nameplates

Every piece of furniture produced by Affinity Classics is identified by two product nameplates:  one nameplate identifying the manufacturer, Affinity Classics LLC, and one plate identifying the particular piece of furniture.  Both plates are installed under each chair seat with brass screws with round heads at each end of the nameplates.



Personal nameplates are also available to personalize your chair for commemorate membership, achievement, graduation, retirement, and other special events.



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