College Chair Prices Vary with Each Institution

College Chair Pricing

Some visitors to this website are surprised to find that we do not publish specific college chair prices.   We understand their concern, but we need to discuss the many options and choices that will determine pricing.  Therefore, we wish to speak with each prospective customer to explain our college chair pricing.

Prices of Affinity Classics’ College Chairs range from $199 to $1,999 (plus shipping) and depend on style, woods, finishes, logos, and the institutions being represented.  Each college and university establishes unique  requirements in order to license its trademarked images.  Chairs bearing college logos are subject to multiple cost components including, royalties, administrative fees, revenue sharing, logo art, woods, fabrics, finishes, personalization, and shipping policies.

You may find college chairs of lower college chair prices on the Internet, but be aware that some of those chairs may have been milled and/or assembled overseas. Our customers choose Affinity Classics chairs because our chairs are made exclusively in America − in Northeastern Ohio − and our chairs are of a high quality and are constructed from materials and components that are 100 percent American, fit together perfectly, and will last for generations.

Prices of Affinity Classics’ Alumni Chairs and College Chairs are determined by the following elements:

Please note:  Each college, university, and other institution may have established unique requirements in order to license its trademarked images. Alumni Chairs bearing college logos are subject to multiple cost components including royalty advances, royalty fees, administrative fees, revenue sharing, logo art, number of logos per chair, woods, fabrics, finishes, personalization, and shipping policies.

Our Alumni Chairs and College Chairs are available with numerous options.  Each college chair includes at least one logo installation.  Some colleges, departments, professional schools, and organizations enjoy traditions of multiple logos and images that can be installed on a single chair.   We can install secondary logos on the rear of our chairs as you request, providing that the institution in question will approve that particular combination of logos.  The general rule for second logos is to charge an extra $49, depending on the complexity of the second logo.

The aforementioned terms regarding logos pertain to standard logos that we have already developed for installation in our alumni chairs.  Clients who request new or custom logos face a different set of costs.  Our costs to develop logos that are new to our company will depend on the following:

  • The institution that the chair will represent
  • Product lines: Traditional, Classic, and Miniature Chairs
  • Logo technique: Our colorful proprietary TrueColor Logostechnique, screen printing, engraving, and inserted metallic medallion
  • Number of colors to display in the logo art
  • Whether the particular colors or specific effects are possible to duplicate

The client’s ability to fund the development of the new logo may be critical.  The client may have a well-established logo, but we need to make it workable for installation in our college chairs.  Cost of implementing a color logo can be a one-time charge of $100 – $600.  Some logos are suitable for installation with certain finishes while others are not. Compatibility can depend on the color(s) of backgrounds and logo margins.  When we develop art for an institution that promises future chairs, the cost of art may be justified. Special art for a single chair is often expensive and sometimes prohibitive.  Some university trademark offices will disallow certain logos, colors, and colors of text on finishes of certain colors; institutions can be very particular.  We ask you to understand that a conversation is the best means by which we can determine how we can best serve you.  Please phone us at 866.748.2230 and discuss your logo requirements.

Affinity Classics can further personalize your college chairs with custom brass plates on the rear of the chair crown.  The regular, personalized, brass plate can hold up to approximately 30 characters in each of 1-4 lines on plates of 1-2 inches tall and 3-4 inches wide.  Our normal price for these brass plates is $49.  Text is limited only by the available space.  These larger brass plates and more extensive text may require a special quote.

Recognition Chairs that will be used internally by institutions may be exempt from royalty fees and, therefore, discounted for a corresponding amount. Universities can make royalty waivers for their university chairs, but they do so according to each, individual case.

Prices may include shipping costs.  Depending on the institution, there may be an additional surcharge for shipping.  Shipping to western U.S. locations (states west of the Mississippi River) and Canada may also require additional charges depending on the chair style (size). More about shipping

Payment is required at the time of order.   We accept payment by major credit cards.  Purchase Terms/Conditions

We ask you to speak with us on the telephone (866.748.2230) about your alumni chairs and university chairs, institutions that your intended chairs represent, logos, chair availability, personalization, shipping options, College Chair Prices, College Chair Pricing, Alumni Chair Prices, Alumni Chair Pricing, University Chair Prices, University Chair Pricing, Prices of College Chairs, Prices of Alumni Chairs, and Prices of University Chairs.  We seek to provide you the exact chair that you want.  We intend to deliver to you, the customer, the best value of any college or recognition chairs available on the market.

Please contact us about college chair pricing.

We look forward to speaking with you, soon!



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