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Choose from popular native Woods of Ohio forests for your Classic College Chairs: Cherry, Hickory, Maple, White Oak, Quarter Sawn Oak, and Walnut.  Traditional College Chairs are made of Maple and Cherry wood of Northeastern Ohio, stained as desired to match Cherry or Walnut.  Affinity Classics builds the majority of its collegiate chairs in maple.  Maple grain can be subdued or dramatic, depending on the particular piece of wood.  Some chairs are presented best in preferred species of woods; you may choose your favorite wood species.  The character of most wood species can be greatly enhanced by applying stains, retaining the grain, but altering the color.  We enable you to choose your woods and stains according to your preference.

Whereas Classic College Chairs can be made from several species of wood, our Traditional Chairs are made of Maple, exclusively, and stained to different wood colors.  Most of our Traditional College Chairs are painted in Black Lacquer.  Traditional College Chairs can be customized by selecting Cherry Arms and/or Cherry Crown (Cherry Headrest) in any of three stains: Cherry, Maple, and Walnut.  Also, entire Traditional College Chairs can be made in these three stains.

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Joinery & Glues

Ordinary factory-made collegiate chairs of most other companies are made solely in the traditional Windsor style or a variant thereof ─ a traditional, 17th-century, English, construction style that is popular because some high-volume companies can build them inexpensively by milling the wood overseas and assembling their chairs  in the U.S.  The principal construction elements of that style consist of spindles and tapered socket joints which are joined by less expensive liquid glues.  Affinity Classics builds sturdy Windsor-style chairs because we do not cut corners and we use the best materials, natural glues, and finishes.  Affinity Classics’ hand-made Amish Chairs offer more strength and durability through modern joinery including mortise & tenon joints, locking internal dowels and pins, reinforcing screws, and high-quality Titebond Glues – both the Original and Supreme brands.



For many alumni of colleges, universities, and businesses, the single element that is most dear to their hearts are those beautiful logos that we install on the crowns of their chairs.   Some folks have jokingly referred to collegiate chairs as “elegant logo delivery systems”!   And, to an extent, it is true.   Many of us are proud to see our school logos displayed in our homes and offices.

Each institution and organization is represented by at least one special, protected logo or trademarked image.  We support the primary images of each entity which we represent via logo chairs.  In the case of the Ohio State University, we offer several logos.  For some other institutions, we support only one logo.  We ask our customers to suggest or request logo chairs, and we will consult with the pertinent institution regarding the viability of and permission to develop particular logo chairs.

Some colleges, departments, professional schools, and organizations enjoy traditions of multiple logos and images that can be installed on a single chair.   We can install secondary logos on the rear of our chairs as you request, providing that the institution in question will approve that particular combination of logos.

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Affinity Classics Chairs are finished in either of two finishes:  (1) Black Lacquer with a semi-gloss clear coat and (2) Stained, natural wood with a semi-gloss clear coat.

Our Amish finishers in Ohio use exclusively stains that are designated as Ohio Certified Stains (OCS) manufactured by FinishWorks.  These stains are standardized to enable builders and finishers to create furniture that is compatible across the furniture and the finishing industries in Ohio and neighboring states, enabling a buyer to acquire furniture from multiple buyers, which have compatible and consistent finishes.  In addition, OCS s are environmentally safe.  All samples displayed on our How College Chairs Are Finished page are OCS certified.

Our Amish Craftsmen use primarily maple for our traditional chairs.  Black lacquer is our most popular finish, but we also finish stained chairs in Cherry and Walnut stain.  Some chairs are built with stained arms and/or crowns (headrests).   Black finishes require a sealer, a primer, and black lacquer.  Stained woods require only a clear coat over the stain.  We use CCI products, and finish our chairs in dedicated paint booths with pressurized paint-gun system − one chair at a time.  We do not employ a production-line.  All highlights (“hand-striping”) on these traditional chairs are skillfully hand-painted with metallic gold (or silver) paint.  One person carefully finishes every chair to ensure the best possible finish and appearance.

Certain collegiate chair styles are best expressed in specific woods as opposed to others.   Although the Affinity Mission Chair is very attractive in Brown Maple with Asbury Stain (Please see link “More About Finishes” button, below), it is stunning with Mission Maple on Brown Maple or Harvest on Quarter Sawn White Oak.

Likewise, while the Affinity Laureate Chair is attractive in Brown Maple with OCS-101 stain, it is beautiful in Cherry wood with New Carrington, Mission Maple, or Rich Tobacco stain.

To ensure that your chair finish remains beautiful for many years to come, it is important to properly care for one’s chairs.


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Our chairs with upholstery are professionally covered with durable, high-quality fabrics and leathers that match your school colors according to your school’s specific Pantone® or PMS colors.  Our fabrics are safe and low in emissions.

The little known fact of the college-chair is that colors can be difficult to match.  College colors are nearly always expressed in Pantone® or PMS colors.  However, the textile and fabric industries do not live by these same standards.  In addition, there can be significant color variance among production runs of a single fabric made by an individual textile mill.   So, it is always a challenge to identify the right combination of color, material, quality, weave, and texture.

In the case of every college and university, we strive to select fabrics that are the right quality and the closest match of the Pantone® colors or PMS colors.  We deal with multiple fabric distributors, nationally, to accomplish this task.

To ensure that your chair upholstery remains attractive, comfortable, and durable for many years to come, it is important to properly care for one’s chairs.


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Personalized Brass Plates

In addition to the logos that Affinity Classics will install in your college chairs or recognition chairs, we can further personalize your chairs by attaching personalized brass plates that contain names, text, or images that are meaningful to you, the customer.

The general rule is that each plate can hold up to approximately 30 characters in each of  1-4 lines on plates of size 1-2 inches tall and 3-4 inches wide.  Our normal price for a plate is $49.   The number of characters is really only limited by the space available, and logos are possible in addition to text.  Larger brass plates and more extensive text may require a special quote.  It is best to limit the dimensions to less than 3″ x 3″.   We recommend that, on our chairs with curved crowns (headboards), “smaller is better”.    Text is available in natural, white, and black on metal plates of different metals.

Brass Nameplate in college chair construction
Large 3″ x 4″ Nameplate


We caution clients that text should be submitted only after careful and deliberate consideration.  Uncertain submissions and capricious changes to orders can delay a chair delivery and can result in significant extra charges.  We encourage customers to give careful consideration to nameplates before submitting nameplate content.  We will offer one proof unless we make a mistake at our shop.  Multiple proofs will delay production and may require additional charges.

We encourage customers to design their personalized chairs.  Personalization in colors, stains, and with special nameplates on the rear of a chair’s crown can render a gift a much more meaningful memento.

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Company and Product Nameplates

Every piece of furniture produced by Affinity Classics is identified by two product nameplates:  one nameplate identifying the manufacturer, Affinity Classics LLC, and one plate identifying the particular piece of furniture.  Both plates are installed under each chair seat with brass screws with round heads at each end of the nameplates.

Personal nameplates are also available to personalize your chair for commemorate membership, achievement, graduation, retirement, and other special events.


Signature of Your Builder

Every piece of furniture that we produce is built with expert craftsmanship.  Although our Amish Craftsmen are typically modest individuals, our craftsmen, men and women, are pleased to put their names on their work.  Therefore, our signed furniture and signed chairs bear the signature of each builder who makes your furniture.  They are proud to sign their names on your new, hardwood college chairs.


NOT the ordinary college chair!

The above details distinguish the American Made, hardwood chairs of Affinity Classics from the ordinary college chairs and standard college chairs that crowd the market. Therefore, the College Chairs of  Affinity Classics are…


The Perfect Alternative to the ordinary college chair ™


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