Classic College Chairs

Six Classic College Chairs – Good Looks, Comfort, Solid Amish Construction!

Affinity Classics builds Amish college chairs in Ohio.  We work in Amish Country because of the unique and inspiring Amish work ethic and craftsmanship.  Our builders include both traditional Amish families and families that have embraced technology to a higher degree.  Most of our builders ride bicycles to work and their families are transported by walking or horse and buggy.  Amish builders are very conscious of the need and benefits of recycling and environmentally sensitive business practices, and they often heat their workshops with wood scraps and sawdust.

Amish builders are committed to producing the very best Amish college chairs imaginable. Everyone who is even slightly familiar with furniture is aware of the capability, quality, ability and legacy of Amish craftsmen in Ohio. Members of the furniture and woodworking industries are unanimous in their praise of Amish woodworking, craftsmanship, and work ethic.  That’s why Affinity Classics relies on our Amish Craftsmen to build our unique Classic College Chairs.

For more information about our Classic College Chairs with Pricing, please phone us at 866.748.2230.


Classic College Chairs




  Affinity Classic Alumni Chair    Affinity Child Rocking Chair  Affinity Mission High Chair

Affinity Laureate Chair   Affinity Mission Rocking Chair   Affinity Mission Chair  


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