Retirement Chairs, Award Chairs, and Fundraising Chairs

Alumni and Friends of Colleges and Universities are the most prolific users of Logo Chairs.   However, many non-academic affinity groups benefit from fine hardwood business chairs bearing logos representing the entity.  These groups include Private Businesses, Hospitals, Associations, Trade Organizations, Retired Military Organizations, Not-For-Profit Organizations, and Fundraising arms of Colleges and Universities.

Generally, these award chairs can be provided to organizations and individuals at reduced prices.  Whereas College Chairs which are sold to Alumni and Friends are most often subject to royalty and administrative fees imposed by school administrations, award chairs and recognition chairs provided to private industry, non-profits, and educational institutions are not.  Many businesses and nonprofits award employee recognition chairs and employee appreciation chairs to distinguished employees.  Retirement chairs do not traditionally require licensing for use of trademarks and logos, if the object in question is used by the entity internally or by individual members and employees.  Therefore, prices of un-branded chairs for the purpose of awards and recognition may be lower than chairs with logos, of similar businesses.  Depending on the organization being represented, there may be no royalty expense per chair, thus reducing the chair price significantly.


“The most  thorough attention  to detail of any company building college chairs”


Sales Revenue   

Most colleges and universities seek revenues from the sale of collegiate products. Businesses and organizations that are engaged in community service, scholarship, and charitable activities may prefer to assign a value to each recognition chair for the purpose of raising funds to help achieve funding goals.  Affinity Classics will work with your organization or business to design business chairs that will foster pride in your organization and meet your revenue needs.


Miniature Chairs

We produce miniature chairs for university advancement, development, philanthropy, and alumni offices.  Some universities have approached us in search of miniature college chairs to facilitate stewardship.  Because they may know donors and prospective donors whose contributions may not justify the expense of a full-size award chair or the donors may prefer less valuable gifts, these offices have decided to make available small replica chairs, miniature recognition chairs, and miniature award chairs that can be displayed on desks and shelves in homes and offices.  Also, many individuals of high net worth may not wish to receive full-size chair or they may prefer that their favorite charity conserve donor dollars and avoid premium items such as full-size chairs, preferring that their charity be a conservative steward of donor funds.

Businesses, their Human Resource Departments, and their Marketing Departments choose to award miniature chairs to employees who have performed well, retirees, and employees achieving work anniversaries as part of employee recognition programs.

We offer exact models of our Affinity Traditional Captain’s Chair and our  Affinity Classic Alumni Chair in four-inch, five-inch,  and six-inch miniatures (below) – mini-chairs complete with exact-replica logos.  Currently we offer chairs in black lacquer and an elegant, new material that appears as frosted glass (at additional cost).  Other sizes and other attractive materials and finishes are available.  We offer square and rectangular pedestals/bases in wood, marble, or granite with sophisticated metal nameplates.


For more information about Affinity College Chairs for Development, Advancement, Donor Relations, Stewardship, and Fundraising, phone us at 866.748.2230.


“Our clients absolutely loved the miniature chairs.  They were beautiful!”

Chairs for Fundraising

Fundraising, Academic Chairs, Fellowships, and Stewardship

Affinity Classics works closely with organizations that have purchased recognition chairs to be the object of raffles, silent auctions, or other fundraising events.  Universities, hospitals, and non-profit Advancement and Development Departments have chosen Affinity Chairs as awards and gifts to Principal Donors.  Major Donors funding Academic Chairs and Fellowships can be suitably commemorated or rewarded with Affinity Classics Chairs for Fundraising.  We can also make less expensive miniature chairs that replicate our full-size chairs.  Miniatures are appropriate for honoring annual donors and donors who are mindful of careful stewardship and likely to decline a gift of high value.


Chairs for Awards and Employee Recognition and Appreciation

Many educational institutions, not-for-profit organizations, and companies maintain employee recognition programs and employee appreciation programs.  In these programs, employees are awarded symbols of appreciation after specific periods of service and as awards for significant achievements and work success.  For example, some entities assign certain gifts to the achievement of 10, 20, and 25 years of employment or service.  Elegant business Logo Chairs, Award Chairs, and Recognition Chairs as Benefits are excellent objects for such programs.


Commercial Applications 

Businesses that seek attractive furniture for elegant or comfortable environments find our business chairs attractive.  Examples can be hotels, restaurants, banks, professional firms, hospitals, large medical centers, academic institutions, and government.  Not all chairs of Affinity Classics are recommended for commercial and non-residential use.  Such high-volume use may require careful selection of materials.  If you seek business chairs for commercial applications, please make a request and discuss with us your requirements.


Retirement Chairs

As long-serving employees retire from employment, some companies provide premium retirement gifts to the retiree.  Rather than giving the traditional “gold watch”, some firms reward retirees with other fine gifts.  Affinity Classics Business Chairs and Award Chairs are perfect gifts that a retiree can enjoy for many years and which can remain in their families for generations.


Chairs for Purchase by Members, Employees, and Alumni

There are many service organizations, military organizations, consulting firms, industrial firms, and technology firms whose current members and alumni maintain close contact with former colleagues who demonstrate profound loyalty to the company or organization and a keen affinity to other past employees.  Such businesses often make college chairs available for purchase by employees.

College Bench

Something Special

Affinity Classics can make Custom Company Chairs, Business Chairs, Miniature Chairs, Award Chairs, Retirement Chairs, and Recognition Chairs for businesses and other organizations, that will distinguish those entities from all others.  Learn how a special Business Chair can help brand your business or organization and satisfy your employees and members.


For more information, phone us at 866.748.2230 or email us at [email protected].         Terms and Conditions of Business Chairs



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