“The chair is comfortable and stylish, and I can absolutely tell that it was made with the finest craftsmanship!”

Features of Our High Quality Recognition Chairs

The Affinity Advantages

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Hand Made Quality

It is well known that Amish furniture represents the best quality available.  Affinity Classics’ recognition chairs and college chairs are made by highly skilled Amish craftsmen from start to finish, and the Amish craftsmanship is evident in a high level of quality, superb handmade quality construction, and attention to detail.  They are perfectionists who take exceptional pride in their work.

Social Responsibility

Affinity Classics complies with the highest standards of fair labor, sustainable materials – sustainability in sources of materials, production facilities, and transportation of its recognition chairs and college chairs.

We contribute to scholarship funds at schools and organizations that our university chairs, recognition chairs, and college furniture represent, according to customer preference.  We share your concerns for environmental impact, social responsibility, and quality of Amish craftsmanship.

How Do Other College Chairs Compare?

  • Competitors’ chairs are designed to be narrow, reducing shipping costs;  ours are wider and deeper for greater comfort
  • Our chairs are the most comfortable wooden Recognition Chairs and College Chairs available
  • Environmentally safe lacquers and fabrics
  • Our proprietary TrueColor Logos display true, official school colors – UV resistance and durable
  • Our black-lacquer finishes consist of multiple coats of sealer, primer, lacquer, and sealer to ensure durability and appearance.
  • Brilliant gold highlights on all spindles of our traditional chairs are all carefully hand-painted
  • Sustainable woods from forests of Northeastern Ohio
  • Wood dried to 6% moisture content to ensure structural integrity
  • With our expert, traditional joinery, your chair that will last for generations
  • Custom, double-wall boxes to transport and protect your valuable chair
  • Pick Up Modern Chairs in Holmes County, Ohio, or we will deliver via FEDEX (U.S. & International) with an option of UPS
  • We deliver Traditional Chairs via FEDEX (U.S. & International)
  • Because our chair components are made on site or very near our shops, our parts are guaranteed to fit
  • 100% Made in America – NOT milled overseas and NOT merely assembled in the U.S.
  • We make Custom College Chairs to meet the individual needs of discriminating clients

Laureate Chair made with Amish Craftmanship


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