Beautiful Ohio where Good People Build Fine Chairs with Quiet Pride

Amish College Chairs Affinity Classics builds four styles of Amish college chairs in Holmes County, Ohio.  We work in Amish Country because of the Amish work ethic, values, and craftsmanship.   Our Amish Craftsmen are the smartest, kindest, most skilled, hardest-working men and women in the business! Our builders include traditional Amish families and families that have embraced technology to a higher degree.

A primary goal of many Amish families is to live simple, spiritual lives, uncluttered by the many potential distractions that can accompany modern technology and dominant secular society. Many of our woodworking machines are powered by air and hydraulics.  Most of our builders ride bicycles to work and their families are transported by walking or horse and buggy. When necessary, Amish folks rely on friends with automobiles for transport.  Although most traditional Amish families live “off grid”, many homes and businesses have their own electrical generators.  Many Amish businesses use telephones and fax machines for business communications.  Use of television, Internet, and email are extremely rare among the Amish. Amish College Chairs Amish builders are very conscious of the need and benefits of recycling and environmentally sensitive business practices, and they often heat their workshops with wood scraps and sawdust. We encourage our customers who are located in and around Ohio to arrange to pick up their Amish college chairs from our workshops for a nice savings.  W hope that everyone will visit the enchanting Amish Country of Holmes County and surrounding counties in Northeastern Ohio. Production of furniture is a primary industry within the Amish Communities of Northeastern Ohio and neighboring states, and our Amish friends excel in it.  Amish builders are committed to producing the very best Amish college chairs imaginable  – chairs built to last for generations.  Everyone who is even slightly familiar with furniture is aware of the capability, quality, ability and legacy of Amish craftsmen in Northeastern Ohio . Members of the furniture and woodworking industries are unanimous in their praise of Amish woodworking, craftsmanship, and work ethic.  As friends and business partners, it’s just really a pleasure to work with them.  That’s why Affinity Classics relies on our Amish Craftsmen to build our unique Modern Amish College Chairs.– Made in Ohio.

Images of Amish Life

The following photos may help you better understand the lives and the work of the good people who build our Classic College Chairs – Made in Amish Country.




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