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College Chairs

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Chairs with Stunning Logos in Official Colors

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"We now have four different college chairs from four different companies and

your chair is by far the best college chair − both wood, logo...and the most comfortable."

College Chairs

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Affinity Classics builds comfortable, college chairs for college alumni and members of other affinity groups, with colorful logos.   In a world of factory-made furniture and machine-made college chairs, you are still able to find College Chairs of High Quality.  Our Personalized Chairs are made by Our Amish Craftsmen in Ohio.  100% Made in America.  ...and, unlike other companies, we build multiple styles of college chairs.

Our products include Graduation Chairs Made in the US, all of which signify each owner’s pride of membership in their respective affinity group.  Our styles range from Traditional English, Windsor style and Hitchcock style to the modern, Classic College Chairs of today.  Each university chair includes one logo installation; multiple logos are optional.  Therefore, we ask you to speak with us on the telephone about your college chairs, captains chairs, and the institution that you wish for these fine chairs to represent, the personalization, and shipping options.

College Chairs


College Chairs Have Many Names.  What Are College Chairs, Exactly?

Our College Chairs are elegant, well-made hardwood chairs that display meaningful images (logos) that remind us of important our relationships, friendships, and affinities pertaining to colleges, universities, medical centers, businesses, and other organizations private and not-for-profit.   Our university chairs are also known as Captains Chair, Hitchcock Chairs, College Chair, Graduation Chairs, Nichols and Stone, Personalized Chairs, Ohio State Chair, Captains Chairs, Standard Chair, Logo Chairs, University Chairs, Captain’s Swivel Chairs, Black Lacquer Chairs, Hardwood Chairs, Chairs, Alumni Chairs, Collegiate Chairs, Boston Rockers, College Benches, and Retirement Chairs.

Clients purchase College Chairs for several reasons:  unique graduation gifts, Christmas gifts, and birthday gifts, professional offices, honoring donors to not-for-profit organizations, and retirement gifts.  Some folks love our chairs without any logos installed.  They just like the way our chairs look and feel.


Great design, wood, logos, construction, finish, fabric, craftsmanship, expertise, attention to details, and a passion for the business make The Best College Chairs!  



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