Finally! College Chairs That Are Both Modern and Comfortable!

We Build Modern College Chairs in Multiple Diverse Styles!

  ...Modern College Chairs, Alumni Chairs, University Chairs, Graduation Chairs, Recognition Chairs, Retirement Chairs, and Logo Chairs – all available in Several Modern Styles:


...And These College Chairs Are Comfortable and Very Well Made!

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Take a Look at Our College Chairs and Our Testimonials.  We Think You'll Agree!

Affinity Classics builds comfortable, modern, college chairs for college alumni and members of other affinity groups, with colorful logos.  Our university chairs are made by Amish Craftsmen in Ohio & Indiana.  100% Made in America.  We make multiple styles of chairs.  We are confident that our chairs will fit well in any modern home or office.

Our products include College Chairs, Alumni Chairs, Graduation Chairs, and Recognition Chairs in addition to University Chairs, Retirement Chairs, and Logo Chairs made in the US, all of which signify each owner’s pride of membership in their respective affinity group.  Our styles range from classic, turn-of-the century, college chairs of 1900 to the modern chairs of today.  Each chair includes one logo installation; multiple logos are optional.  Therefore, we ask you to speak with us on the telephone about your college and university chairs, institution that the chair represents, chair’s availability, personalization, and shipping options.

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College Chairs Answer to Many Names...What Are College Chairs, Exactly?

Known as Recognition Chairs, University Chairs, Alumni Chairs, Retirement Chairs Graduation Chairs, and Logo Chairs, College Chairs are elegant, well-made hardwood chairs that display meaningful images (logos) that remind us of important relationships, friendships, and affinities.

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